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The alternate universe where miah is a drummer

April 14, 2009

I am leaving the US early tomorrow morning. On Sunday, when Soyin was still here, I told him about the one point in my life where, in a way, I could have become a ROCKER”. When I was small, my mother wanted me to learn to play a piece of musical instrument, she said I could choose any and my answer was “drums”.

“Well, any instrument other than drums,” said my mother, “how about the piano?”

Here ends the story of miah the drummer. I like strange things, but at the same time I am quite a “classical” person now. I like wearing plain-coloured clothes, I don’t like jewellery, I only listen to classical music (the majority being piano music), I don’t like any sort of “styling” chemical on my hair. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what the miah the drummer in the alternate universe would be like. Will I have long spikey hair, wearing rings with skulls?

Siuto was surprised when I told her that I love Blue Man Group, she said I must still have the drummer in me.

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  1. Soyin permalink*
    April 15, 2009 12:06 am

    I often dreamed of myself being very talented in some musical instrument: piano, guitar, drums, saxophone…I guess I can only keep dreaming for the rest of my life, because I am, and will never be talented.

    However, I might be able to be OK in some of those, if I practise hard. I shall try to realise my plans soon.

    • Miah permalink*
      April 17, 2009 6:22 am

      When people talk about their lack of (relative) talent, I am always reminded of the “hybrid sport” of chess boxing.

      I used to find the idea of someone combining two unrelated activities presumably such that they can become best-of-the-world rather silly and, to use a stronger word, slightly cowardly. My view has changed since then. My opinion is that every activity requires a certain combination of strengths of certain parts of the brain and certain parts of the rest of the body. Being talented in an activity, to me, just means having that right combination of strengths for that particular activity. I think people who are “talentless” are just unlucky that none of the existing activities requires that particular set of strengths. With that theory in mind, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with inventing one’s own sport any more.
      You are probably a very talented piano-guitar-drum-saxophone-basketball-mathematics-ist, go find out.

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