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Less personal things in which Miah is interested

April 23, 2009

This is now my third post here. The first one is what I like to call an idea post, which might be about a strange idea, joke, story, question, design, solution to energy crisis, new religion, use of old slippers, way to create money or reuseable pasta sauce etc. that came out of my curious mind. My second post was a reflection post, which are things I picked up in life that hopefully one day would make me wiser. The third type of posts I plan to write is about my interests. Some, if not most, will come from the things I have read through my Google Reader, so looking at the categories of my subscriptions will give you an idea of what I might be writing about.

1. Science and Engineering

This it my field of study and I can only enjoy my work if I keep a geniune interest in the subjects. Science and engineering is not just about the LHC or the Human Genome Project, it is also about reasoning, curiousity and creativity – the lovely and essential stuff!

2. Art and Design

This is an area in which I am a complete outsider (am I contradicting myself?). My level of appreciation of art and design is low and I call almost everything that makes me think and/or tickles my emotions “art”. Within this area, I am particularly interested in photography and graphic design.

3. Independent Games

Independent games, by definition, are games not created by big companies, and therefore does not rely as much on trial and tested formulae. This allows far greater creative freedom and because of the lack of budget, a lot of indiegames really get to boil down to the core of what makes a game, or a genre of games, fun (think Warning Forever). Plus, most of them are what people might find slightly strange (think KiruBiru) –  to me (and you know me), that is a great thing!

4. Magic and mentalism

After my acting career at SPCC, I have missed drama and a couple of years ago I have found my stage in magic. Sure that is no where as good as shouting across the stage with you people the familiar lines written by Vase and Cha, but magic is as close to a one-man play as it gets. I presume I might be posting links / embedding videos as well as writing notes. I shall not be “exposing secrets”, but there are tricks in the public domain to which I would like to add my thoughts and variations.

(For some reason, I thought it would be fun to add a glossary of the odd non-words that I frequently use.)


noun [C]

an alphabetical list, with meanings, of the words or phrases in a text that are difficult to understand


Definition: A sigh that is used to convey lost-of-word or disappointment.

Example: “The lemon batteries are all expired.” “h…”

Source: Sound of a sigh.

Variations: “h!” (surprised); “h~” (laugh-light); “p…” (disappointed by something slightly funny); “p!” (surprised by something funny)


Definition: Dead or broken, also used as an exclamation

Example: “The lemon batteries are attacking us.” “Kalading!”

Source: 格喇底 ->格喇丁 -> Kalading

Variations: “Kalaswig!” (when something is broken or ruined due to people’s stupidity, see “Swig”); “Falading” (identical meaning as “kalading”, sometimes used together with “kalading” to form “kaladingfalading” for dramatic or comic effect)


Definition: Stupid, used as a curse

Example: “I forgot to bring the lemon batteries.” “Swig!”

Source: Foreign language interview (“Swigswig naza gunggung naza eurrrrrrrgh”)

Variations: “懵Swig” (n.); “(懵)Schweg” (used when it is you yourself (as well as others, if any) who have been stupid); “懵碧” (used when a person is stupid but tries to be “cool”)


Definition: Surprised, used as an exclamation or a prefix (not to be confused with “wallah”, as in “chai-wallah” in Slumdog Millionnaire)

Example: “We have two billion lemon batteries!” “Wala!”

Source: [unknown]

Variations: “Walaswig!” (surprised+swig, note stress on “swig”); “Walakalafalading!” (ultimate surprised dead, never been used as of 23/04/2009). Note: NEVER “Wala-h…”, try to pronounce it and you will sound like a zombie. For something logically similar to “Wala-h…” in meaning, try “p…”

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Soyin permalink*
    April 23, 2009 1:02 pm

    Kalading! I like this!

  2. denisesiu permalink*
    April 23, 2009 11:12 pm

    I love the glossary too~And it’s an honour to be the person with whom you bounced off these new words as you created them; a lot of these words first appeared in our msn conversations like 6-7 years ago! The first ones have got to be the ‘h..’ and ‘p!’. h~

    • Miah permalink*
      April 23, 2009 11:31 pm


      “haha” “lol” and “omg” are overused!

  3. April 24, 2009 1:32 am

    Wala! You are so pro! H… Shouldn’t you have studied lexicology?


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