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April 29, 2009

I always use abbreviations when making notes in the lectures.

Just like everybody else, I have my own system of abbreviations. For example, I will always use w/ to represent with (and therefore w/in means within and w/o  means without), -tn to represent -tion, dvpt to represent development etc. Sometimes, I get lost with my own abbreviations, because I use ct for both court and contract. In general, I know what I mean in my notes, while others may not understand my writings (and partly because of my messy handwriting in lectures). 

Often, abbreviations appear on the lecture powerpoint as well. Lecturers seem to have their own system of abbreviations. I dislike lecturers who love to use meaningless abbreviations. For example, SMEs for subject matter experts (but not small-and-medium-sized enterprises), or MPDQ for Management Position Description Questionnaire (who will remember the full name after the lecture!!!). 

What I want to say is actually one abbreviation that I am quite impressed recently. 

Guess what Xxmn means? 






The answer is Cross-examination. 



I shall go back to my studies, I’m going to have test on HRM (aka Human Resources Management) tomorrow.

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  1. Soyin permalink*
    April 30, 2009 12:21 am

    I think Mathematicians are among those who exploit abbreviations the most. Of course, nowadays the abbreviations are standard and there isn’t much creativity in them, but Mathematicians hate to deal with lengthy words and always seek a way so they could write less(in other words, they are being lazy).

    Examples of standard Mathematical abbreviations include WLOG for ‘without loss of generality’, WRT for ‘with respect to’ and st for ‘such that’.

    We use symbols all the time too, as you all know.

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