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25-05-2009 出碟

May 26, 2009

My brother is here for a week for his half-term break. Last night we mentioned the peculiar style of pop music album names in Hong Kong in our conversation. We then thought that it would be a fun idea to each come up with a fictional album with a list of names for the songs contained. At the end of the night, we exchange our list and picked our favourite song (name) from each other’s album. Siuto later became our independent adjudicator and picked the winner.

My album:

Zero Progress

  1. 太大力
  2. 在波濤上顛簸
  3. 愛因She坦 *
  4. 熱量代表我的心 (Dance Remix)
  5. 白說公主
  6. 番茄湯與羅勒草
  7. 弱到病隨
  8. 巨人的瑞士糖 (feat. 方大同)
  9. 傳送或取消

* Brother’s and Siuto’s pick of the album

My brother’s album:


  1. 小心有雷
  2. 請你記得打俾我
  3. 你是我的地詐虎 *
  4. 手快有三千 手孟母三遷 *
  5. 唔通連你都唔鐘意我
  6. 檸檬與波餅
  7. 藍罐曲折離奇 #
  8. 君子坦克車
  9. 你不是黑洞
  10. 玩完驚Over  (電影《玩完驚Over》主題曲)

* Siuto’s pick of the album

# My pick of the album, I also liked how he poked fun at “懶音 Pun” in track 4.

Siuto’s winner: Song.己.你

We look forward to your comments and inputs, we are planning to have another match tonight, so, more nonsense soon.

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  1. May 26, 2009 9:10 am

    I love them! You two are absolutely genius!!

  2. May 26, 2009 10:53 pm

    My pick would be – 手快有三千 手孟母三遷 and 愛因She坦. And I also agree the winner this time is Song.己.你

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