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雜Pun集 140709

July 14, 2009

i. Paperclip

After sending his/her potential investors a prototype of the product, do you think at their first meeting, the inventor of the paperclip greeted his investors by asking,

“Have you seen that awesome clip I sent you?”

ii. 大運會

我覺得將 “世界大學生運動會” 簡稱做 “大運會” 真係好奇怪, 因為佢明明大唔過世運會.

iii. Change

個日我地一齊打冷, 咁啱 GuoMan 要搵何大耀, 就黎埋一齊見下面. 黎到佢話無錢所以唔食野, 就淨係坐低傾下偈.

GuoMan:  嘩, 你個樣真係同以前好唔同, 你去左外國幾耐呀?

Miah:  八年啦.

GuoMan:  You have changed a lot! 咁我呢, 我有無 change 呀?

Siuto:  無乜呀.

Miah:  你無錢, 所以無 change.

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  1. July 14, 2009 8:52 am

    i like your ‘rap’ with 世界大學生運動會 that day more.

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