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Silly “cram schools”

September 8, 2009

I made this for my mother’s birthday. I am quite pleased with it, because it is not only humorous, but also conveys the message that my brother and I want to thank my mother for our upbringing. Ideally, it should be my father and mother on the mock-advertisment, playing the parts of the 補習天皇, but I didn’t have a good plan to get them to pose for the photos while keeping the mini-project a surprise. Therefore I somewhat twisted the message a bit so that it now say, “thanks to the upbringing you gave us, we are now both fairly pleasant people” which hopefully still makes sense.

I had to start my spoofing by doing a bit of research, so I literally have half a dozen Hong Kong cram-school-related (apparently that is what they are called in English) links in my browser Favourites. They are rather pathetic yet entertaining. For some tutors, having a website AND a blog seem to be a selling point and if that is not enough, they even provided two empty bullet points to make their list longer. Allow me also to draw your attention to this Chinese tutor from 當代書院, who puts the extra effort into writing a few paragraphs about himself and his school on his webpage, which includes the line,


好文采呀, 好文采!

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