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Diseases, bugs and cancer (yes…grim)

September 30, 2009

So friends, three things to report here really:

1) I’ve been listening to my professors talk a lot about Hong Kong lately…and no, it’s not about the view or the food or the all-around goodness in Hong Kong…it’s about bugs. 1968 influenza, SARs, avian flu… (did you know that H5N1 was quite possibly the first influenza that is transmitted directly from birds to humans?). There was even a virus called the “Hong Kong virus”! So…Hong Kong, yes. Quite the happy place for young budding viruses, no?

2) Today in Patient,Physician&Society, they showed us this movie called “Wit” with Emma Thompson as lead actress, about a story of an Eng. lit professor in end stage ovarian cancer (, and it was…strong. I wasn’t expecting that. Thompson was just a such a good actress, and…the terminal illness, the effects of chemo, the vulnerability…too realistic. And too vivid a picture, which ends up reminding me of what my grandpa went through…or rather, what I did not see him go through. I didn’t manage to get back in time to see him before he passed away, and this movie just filled in the bits and pieces.

So all in all, a very powerful movie. One that is sure to weigh on your heart for a while.

3) To end on a happier note, there is a chocolate festival going on this weekend, and, to quote from the ad, “Envision every type of chocolate imaginable. In one place, at one time. “. So…yes. I have become quite the chocolate addict.

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