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My album. 12.10.2009

October 11, 2009
1. 變.膩.dim (不OK版)
2. 你知道我在等你阿媽?
3. One night in 地氈
4. 李智與錦程
5. 阿畢落到亞厘畢道
6. 羅密歐與朱麗倩 (featuring 劉德華)
7. 嘢俾大熊
8. 淘汰郎
9. 愛在東涌的東面與西貢的西面之間 (死心塌地版)
10. 咪高on接龍 (合唱: Michael, Angelo)


1. 變.膩.dim (不OK版)

2. 淘汰郎

3. 你知道我在等你阿媽?

4. One night in 地氈

5. 李智與錦程

6. 阿畢落到亞厘畢道

7. 羅密歐與朱麗倩 (featuring 劉德華)

8. 愛在東涌東面與西貢西面中間 (死心塌地版)

9. 嘢俾大熊

10. 咪高on接龍 (合唱: Michael, Angelo)

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  1. Miah permalink*
    October 11, 2009 2:35 pm

    Awesome des! My favourite is 羅密歐與朱麗倩, I love word plays that twist at the very very end.

    My brother, in a very talent-show-judge, leaned-back kind of manner, says that the list is of a very high quality, but he is unable to pin-point a favourite.

    I shall be “releasing” my latest album in a moment. Bring it on!

  2. denisesiu permalink*
    October 11, 2009 3:25 pm

    My favourite is 淘汰郎. Way to go~

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