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December 21, 2009

Last week my brother sent the rest of the family photos of his graduation by E-mail. Not until that point did I realise my brother has graduated and obtained his second Master’s degree. The fact that Miah sent me Siuto’s graduation photos and Siuto was in the same school with my brother did not help me remember earlier. I believe this is mostly attributable to my absent-mindedness and the fact that my brother has already begun his Ph.D. studies is also part of the reason.

So after looking at the photos, I replied in the E-mail “Aiya I am now third at home in degrees earned…”.

This was actually nothing more than an indirect statement expressing satisfaction and proudness towards my family, as I am, like most people, admire my father and brother very much. What surprised me is that later that night, my father told me that my mother was concerned about what I said earlier in the morning and “attempted to send me words of encouragement”.

My father described his wife as “a horse that is blindfolded”, which only walks straight forward and does not know how to change directions. Interesting figure of speech.

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