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A Relaxing Christmas

December 28, 2009

A lot of people opted to leave London to more exotic places or to go back to their home country to spend the holiday. We two don’t really fancy travelling nor have the money nor earned vacation days to head home. So, we stayed in London and I bet we had a more relaxing holiday than anyone else, probably more relaxing than we had ever had ourselves. What did we do? Let’s see:

Christmas Eve: Decorated the house, slightly. Made Chinese red bean sweet soup – it may not be the most Christmassy dessert, but it’s definitely warming, and it’s red. Watched James May’s Toy Stories – Lego. My Christmas gift from miah arrived. [miah: A bit stressful from job application, need to pick myself up. Ended up picking up a parcel for my brother though, he won it in a prize-draw!]

Christmas Day: Talked to families. Watched QI (this episode’s theme is “Groovy”). [miah: Apparently the word “groovy” originated from the grooves on records. One thing they mentioned that I knew is the unique way giraffe walks – both legs on one side followed by both on the other.] Made Christmas brunch: Christmas Hot Egg and Ham Muffin. [miah: What is a “Christmas Hot Egg and Ham Muffin”? Just like to add that it is “muffin” as in “English muffin” or “McMuffin”, not that mushroom-shaped cake.] Sent out Christmas e-cards to families and friends. [miah: I guess I wrote that post on 沖大海 then.] Did a bit of Christmas doodle. Made Christmas dinner: Jamie Oliver’s perfect baked potatoes – sweet potatoes version, mussels, broccoli, M&S Christmas soup. Heated up mulled wine. [miah: sans wine.] Watched Monty Python’s Life of Brian. [miah: This 1979 comedy is about a man who was born on the day (night?) Jesus was born in the stable next door. He subsequently had often been mistaken as the Son of God, hence the famous line read (shouted?) by his mother: “He is not the Messiah! He is a very naughty boy!”] Watched Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special.

Boxing Day: Played a little bit of Christmas tunes on the piano. [miah: That strangely included Lonely (lonely) Christmas…!] Watched The Gruffalo. Listened to the Queen’s Christmas speech. Made crunchy choco crispies. [miah: Crispy choco crunchies?] Opened presents. [miah: Opened my brother’s parcel while watching him open my present from mom via my webcam. Actually, I didn’t see him via the webcam, I saw him via the computer screen, he saw me via my webcam, well… he saw me via his screen.] Watched Catherine Tate’s Nan’s Christmas Carol. Watched some Garfield cartoons (TVB version). [miah: This is more TV-watching that I would like to admit. I honestly didn’t watch much of the Garfield though.] Spent a bit of philosophical time discussing the meaning of life and the meaning of creating new lives, seriously. [miah: I came up with the latest definition for “making a right decision in life” as “choosing the decision that leaves as much possibility in life to do the thing one wants to do as possible”. Before the discussion, I came up with a joke that I might tell here later.]

Sunday: Lunch: Taiwanese noodles in soup with siumai. Watched The Incredibles. [miah: Probably my favourite film. Told my family my new joke.] Post boxing day sale shopping (Siuto bought a half price nice cardigan at Gap and 7 bananas for 50p!). Dinner: beautiful tricolore pasta and party sausages with pineapple, and mince pie.

Bank Holiday Monday: Watched Outnumbered’s Christmas Special. Fish & garlic dough balls for lunch. Made tricolore salmon puff pastry open tarts for dinner. Watched 20 mins of Pirates of the Carribean – At World’s End- utterly unbearable, switched to watch Top Gear’s Bolivia Special – That, was so good. Ended the day with Gü chocolate mini puds (Siuto: and a Gascon pill =P). (A singing drunk just walked past…) [miah: She didn’t mean me. And between all the excess TV-watching, and probably during some of it, we did quite a bit of flat-cleaning.]

So, that was Christmas 2009. It was lovely.

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  1. Soyin permalink*
    December 30, 2009 9:28 am

    Cats walk like that too.

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