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二零零八, 二零零九…

January 1, 2010

The initials “BBC” probably has an attached sense of of authority and reliability to many. I foremost have to admit that I begin too many everyday sentences with “I recently read an article on BBC saying that…”. I remember that a few years ago, I dismissed the claim that a ridiculous stunt of “hypnotism” on Top Gear is staged based on the fact that it is a BBC programme. What I failed to notice is that BBC is a massive broadcasting company, responsible for at least 10 television and 12 radio channels in the UK alone, producing more programmes than I produce useless ideas (probably). Amongst these programmes, some are factual while the rest are fictitious entertainment. I recently read an article (for a change) on Yahoo! Hong Kong News, titled “BBC﹕應念twenty-ten 「2010年」英文讀法紛紜“.

【明報專訊】後天便是2010年,到底「2010年」的英文該怎樣念才對呢?有人認為應念作twenty-ten,但有人則念成two thousand and ten,甚至有人念two-o-one-o。英國 廣播公司(BBC)的電台節目,近日亦討論這個問題,他們最後傾向念作「twenty-ten」。

如何念2010年這個令人困擾的問題,日前成了BBC電台節目的話題。這個節目由英國科幻劇集《Doctor Who》演員坦南特(David Tennant)與林泰特(Catherine Tate)主持。

This is slightly bizarre because while Mr Tennant is a charming actor and Ms Tate a talented comedian (as HTY knows), their discussion bear very little importance in terms of representing the BBC, in fact, they were only sitting in on a Saturday morning entertainment show because the normal host is on holiday. It would be like if 杜汶澤 and 吳君如 were discussing the topic for two minutes on radio as guests and someone decided it to publish it on the newspaper.

Actually, the reason I am mentioning this article is that my brother has already stated for me the definitive way to say “2010” months ago. It is most logical and natural to say.

TWO-O-O-TEN. Or, in Chinese, 二零零十.

This is how I have been saying it and I think you should, too. Spread the word.

And here’s the joke I mentioned in my half of the last post on this webologu:

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  1. January 1, 2010 10:37 pm

    I did laugh, although I knew you were going to say that once I heard rabbit and octopus XD

    two-o-o-ten in fact is better than twenty-ten I thinkXD

    btw, you know there’s a radio programme called 九十年代? When 2000 came, I felt worried because I didn’t know what 年代 it should be, 零年代? The radio programme then changed the name to 千禧年代 in 2000, and now I feel worried again… it should be renamed to 十年代? So weird…

    • Miah permalink*
      January 2, 2010 4:00 am

      My mother also saw the punchline coming from line one, I rephrased it slightly so that when I told it to my father and brother, they didn’t expect the pun, now that it failed the Vase Test, I will phrase it again a bit differently should I tell it again.

      The joke originated from a doodle, where I drew a rabbit with its head replaced by an octopus card and asked Siuto what it is. I guess partly because I am reading The Naked Jape and want to try my hands on constructing a joke and partly because I find it more lively (if more obvious) to tell it rather than show it, I decided to change it to its current format.

  2. Soyin permalink*
    January 2, 2010 11:57 am

    I don’t think the name 千禧年代 is going to change.

    We shall let ideas become real!

  3. HTY permalink
    February 13, 2010 7:42 am

    How unfortunate I cannot see the clip.

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