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Ten things we are going to miss when we leave Britain – Part 6. British TV

July 16, 2010

Evolutionary psychologists say our brain still cannot properly differentiate fictional characters we “meet” on TV from people we meet in real life. For this reason, watching TV sitcoms, such as Friends, generally make us happier because we will actually feel like having more friends than we really have in real life, plus “friends” in TV will not hurt us like real friends might which makes such “friends” much easier to keep. In the last 5 years, I owe a lot of friendships, happiness and laughter to BBC and Channel 4, big time.

I have always said, putting Miah aside (which I sometimes would when there’re shows on that only I like watching~), TV was my best mate in London. British TV is so good that it moved me to go to the TV centre to experience my first time as an audience in a TV show recording and to phone in for the first time to vote for a TV talent show contestant.

Once there was a time when I doubted British TV. When I first moved to London, I would only spend time with my North American friends, mainly, Will & Grace. One of the first British shows I recalled watching was Eurovision. Frankly, that did not help make me fall for British TV. (For those who have not seen the annual show before, it is basically a night-long singing contest, with singers from every European country competing for the winning title for their own country. The winning country has to host the contest in the next year, which we suspect is why all countries send singers that are so bad/weird that they believe can’t possibly win~).  However, over the next years, I have grown to become a bit more open-minded and accepting, and before I realised, I have grown to love every bit of British TV. From Strictly Come Dancing, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s shows for choosing the next Joseph/Nancy/Dorothy for his musicals, to even fashion tips from Gok Wan on how to look good naked or the really weird trivia knowledge from Channel 4 documentaries. I appreciated them all. Here I’d like to pay tribute to all shows that have accompanied me through even the gloomiest of days in London:

Any Dream Will Do/I’d Do Anything/Over the Rainbow

Black Books

Deal or No Deal

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Have I Got News for You

Heston’s Feast

How to Look Good Naked

Jamie Oliver (all shows)

Live at the Apollo

Location, Location, Location (and Relocation, Relocation)

Mock the Week


Strictly Come Dancing

The Graham Norton Show

The Ricky Gervais Show

Top Gear

Whose Line Is It Anyway

8 out of 10 Cats

There is just nothing like British TV on Hong Kong TV. British TV, thank you, I salute you.

P.S. Here, meet one of our dinner guests, Stephen Fry:

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