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Microwave Cup-sponge cake

November 14, 2010

Today’s Lesson: Microwave cake does not work.

Driven by curiosity and laziness, I made sponge cakes in small cups in a microwave following this recipe today:

A: 2 spoons of plain flour + 2 spoons of sugar (or 1 spoon of sugar + 1 spoon of cocoa powder) + 1 spoon potato flour + 0.5 spoon baking powder

B: 1 egg + 1 small spoon of vegetable oil

Steps: 1. Mix A, 2. Mix B, 3. Mix A with B, 4. Quickly spoon the mixture into cups/mugs and heat in a microwave for 2 mins.

End product looks like this:

It was dry like real sponge, those for cleaning…Miah suggested serving it a la mode, the moist from the ice-cream did help the cake get down but it was still quite bad…

An alternative way of heating up these cup-sponge cakes is to steam them for 10 minutes, which I do believe will turn out a lot better than this…


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