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Minutes for Don’t Have Anything Particular to Say in our 20110105 Gathering

January 6, 2011


  • 6th January, 2011


  • 19:30 – 20:00


  • Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Lung Bao


  • Cha (a.k.a. Camren)
  • Lam Siu Na
  • miah [minutes-taker]
  • Siuto
  • Soyin
  • Vase


  • T.Lau [Chair, a.k.a. Table]
  • HTY
  • Lemon
  1. Cha arrives at Crystal Jade first and took ticket number 121. Later on, while Cha is away, miah arrives and takes ticket 122. miah goes away and cha comes back.
  2. Siuto and Soyin arrive but Vase has to finish some work at her office. Table will not be allocated unless all are present.
  3. All move over to CD/DVD store next door to window-shop. Inception is being played on the display screen without sound. miah starts to do voice-overs for Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe and others, nobody is very interested. Siuto says she doesn’t understand the ending of the film. Soyin says it is an open ending. miah says it’s just like how he won’t tell Soyin whether or not he deliberately misspelt “maih” in his recent email.
  4. Vase arrives when 120 is called, then it jumps to 604. All wait in front of Crystal Jade for another 5 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, all start to tick items on menu. Someone mentions 甜酸青瓜簾, others cannot hear the last word clearly. Siuto clarifies and says, “拉簾個簾”. miah confusifies and asks, “無拉拉鏈個拉鏈?”. Siuto makes hand gesture for dragging curtain. miah finds it strange that Siuto used such an indirect word to clarify, he compares it with saying “p for pneumonia” (source: Dara O’Briain, Irish comedian). [Beginning of running gag based on “_ for _”.]
  6. Ticket 121 is called all go into restaurant and are seated next to a window looking out into the mall. miah wanted to give extra ticket 122 to people waiting, but was stopped by others. miah and siuto go to wash hand and when they come back they did a high repetitive mime about an actor and an actress bowing for an audience through the window.
  7. Food was ordered while miah and siuto was in the washroom.
  8. Cha gives an iPlunge to everyone (including herself) as a present. miah and siuto mentions that they wanted to buy iPlunge for vase as well. miah realises he is the only one without an iPhone and feels very proud. Siuto asks him to give it to his mom who has an iPhone, he asks how can Siuto be so sure that he doesn’t have a tiny toilet.
  9. miah doesn’t eat Xiao Lung Bao, nor pan-fried dumplings, nor Dan Dan Mian. Everybody finds Dan Dan Mian spicy but Cha finds it OK. Perhaps due to the fact that she eats Si Chuan Cuisine a lot. There is a dish called 叉子 on the menu, nobody knows what it is except Cha (!). Cha mentions that it is because she is Shanghainese. Others are surprised that they hadn’t known before, cha then claims to be 4/3 Shanghaiese. Others ask whether she is pregnant.
  10. Siuto needs to send everyone or upload 拉撒路之死.
  11. miah needs to send Soyin The Adventures of Captain Law and Crew. Soyin says his favourite was the 眼睛想旅行 bit and asks whether miah wrote the piece solely for Guten Tag, miah confirms so. Siuto mentions that miah used to bring along a little notebook everywhere he went to write the script. miah doesn’t recall that and questions whether he was really so keen (“咁堅?”).
  12. Siuto asks whether anyone has the habit of doing New Year’s resolution, miah mistakenly says vase does.  Vase explains that she only does review but not resolution.  She used to set goals for the coming years when she was small but they are mostly things like “I should tidy up my room more often”.  In fact, she explains that they are just things she doesn’t like to do and hence hasn’t done in the previous year.
  13. 小黃魚 (not small at all, in fact, quite big and very bony) is served. There are only four piece but neither Soyin nor Vase is very fond of the fish, so one is shared between the two. miah eats his 小黃魚 surprisingly quickly while other have difficulty picking the bones. Turns out he ate most of the bones.
  14. Siuto mentions that Hyatt Regency Shatin in which she spent her new year celebration with miah is a hotel for training. Vase asks, “你去咗啦?” miah says, “choi!” Siuto says she didn’t know miah would say “choi”. miah tries very hard to think of the word that describe what he was doing. He then takes a whole long while to think of a way to explain the word he is trying to find in his head. “It’s like when someone tells a very racist joke, but he is not actually laughing at another race, instead, he is laughing at the very racist people,” he explains, but nobody is very interested.
  15. Someone asks whether all dishes have been served. miah mistakenly thinks 叉子 is still to come but others tell him that 叉子 was not part of the order. This is because 叉子 takes 35 minutes (“七個字”) to be served. miah thinks a restaurant should be opened based on the idea that the number of characters in the name of the dish indicates the time it take to be served. For example, 高力豆沙 would take 四個字 while 香蕉高力豆沙 would take 六個字. Soyin and miah came up with the thought on “香蕉高力豆沙” together, they high-five. Siuto and Cha was not aware of what just happened because they were busy eating their fish, so miah explains again. Cha still did not catch it, so miah explains yet again.
  16. Soyin asks what Ceci Chan, Siuto’s friend from Canada, is doing. Siuto explains that Ceci is now studying a Masters degree in Hong Kong with her boyfriend. miah mentions that Siuto used to think Ceci’s boyfriend is similar to miah in his 格. Others find it hard to imagine that there could be someone similar to miah.
  17. Soyin says miah is perhaps like the Koala [vase heard soyin saying panda], which some scientists believe is highly unlike everything else and should be of a different “class”, or “phylum”, or “order”, or “family, or whatever the word should be. Soyin cannot remember all the different biological classifications. Cha teaches a mnemonic device to remember them (miah is not paying attention). miah mentions “m for mnemonic”. Soyin offers “p for phase”. (miah particularly like “p for phase” because one always thinks about “face” first.) miah offers “k for knife” and concludes that “n” is very dominant. Soyin offers “h for hour”. miah whispers something into Siuto’s ears but would not tell what it is because it is apparently “very rude”. Siuto reveals that miah said “a for ass”. Vase thought so. [Running gag]
  18. miah eats a piece of overcooked 炒年糕 and comments that it felt like 年糕’s equivalent of a piece of 飯焦. Others disagree but say that one hardly gets to eat any 飯焦 now that 暴暴飯焦 is no more. All agree, however, that 暴暴飯焦 tastes nothing like 飯焦 after all. miah thinks that 暴暴飯焦 is like many tiny piece of 旺旺 stuck together. Others disagree. Siuto thinks that there must be some addictive additives in 旺旺仙貝. miah wonders what 仙貝 is and asks whether it is the thing on 喵喵怪’s forehead. Others think so. miah thinks 旺旺 should have 喵喵怪 for their logo. “Why a fat kid?” asks miah.
  19. Siuto thought miah saw a fat kid through the window and was being very rude to the fat kid.
  20. Ah Po calls Vase and Vase tells Ah Po that Cha is with her. Cha chats with Ah Po through Vase’s phone. Cha’s phone rings and she tells Ah Po that “有電話入”.  Vase expresses her opinion on Ah Po’s boyfriend.  In her opinion, Ah Po’s boyfriend is neither [off-the-record], nor [off-the-record], in fact, nor [off-the-record], nor [off-the-record].  Basically, Vase doesn’t [off-the-record] why [off-the-record].
  21. miah mentions again that he wanted to give iPlunge as well, but it was sold out (probably because Cha bought them all). He wonders what would happen if he had bought the iPlunge as well. He thinks about it for a moment and suddenly says, “you can do Magdeburg Hemisphere!”. Cha and Siuto recreated the Mageburg Hemisphere with two iPlunges and Vase took a photo. [Best moment of the evening] 
  22. All finish meal and move on to a frozen yoghurt place called Yo Ma Ma for dessert (because 高力豆沙 will probably take 四個字).  miah notices that Cha was surprisingly not wearing sandles.  miah says he recently read a story about someone losing his toes after a swim. Soyin asks why.  miah explains that it is just a story, it is not real.  They branch off to talk about the phrase 斬腳趾避沙蟲.  Cha and vase were surprised that the rest are still talking about toes.
  23. Standard frozen yoghurt comes with a topping, each extra toppings cost $5. Vase mentions that the mochi topping is made by the shop, not bought from elsewhere.
  24. The wooden spoon has an extremely strong taste. miah says it reminded him of the wooden stick doctors use to hold one’s tongue down to look at one’s throat. Soyin does a truly baffling mime of a doctor throwing the wooden stick into the bin. Nobody knows what he is doing, so he does the truly baffling mime of a doctor throwing the wooden stick into the bin again. Still nobody knows what he is doing, so he does the truly baffling mine of a doctor throwing the wooden stick into the bin yet again. Still nobody knows what he is doing, miah asks what he is doing, he explains and all laugh. Cha laughs with the rest but in fact still doesn’t understand the mime, Vase says Cha needed to be trained to understand the humour in the doctor mime, miah pointed out that she is a doctor.
  25. Siuto says that the mochi topping tastes like 香蕉糕. miah says he wants to create a banana snack that is somewhere between 香蕉糕 and 香蕉乾, and call it 香蕉went. [Best pun of the evening]
  26. Lam Siu Na joins the gathering. Soyin mentions the highlights of the evening (refer to the items above) and tells her about the-restaurant-with-the-serving-time-based-on-the-number-of-characters-in-the-name-of-the-dish. “好無聊!” Lam Siu Na comments aptly.
  27. A couple walks past. Vase knew half of the couple from Primary school and the other half from University, she says 佢唔知佢哋點解識嘅. “點解釋呢?” puns miah. All giggle. Lam Siu Na giggles, too, but because she thinks miah asked a silly question as Vase just said “佢唔知佢哋點解識嘅”. Soyin slaps Lam Siu Na in the back of her head. (!)
  28. All leave Yo Ma Ma.  Soyin needs the toilet, all wait outside and realise the sign says “Ladies”, “Baby Changing Room” and “Disabled”. (miah calls them “女仔”, “換BB” and “傷殘”.)  Soyin is none of those three so he come back out and finds another toilet.
  29. All say goodbye and go home. The directionally disabled miah needs to find the correct exit for the mid-levels escalator. “你搵到出路就打俾我啦,” says Siuto to miah. “事業上個種呀?” jokes miah.

Date, time and place of next gathering TBA.


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