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20110110 Gathering

January 11, 2011


  • 10 January 2011


  • 7:30pm


  • Brunch Club


  • T. Lau
  • Cha
  • miah
  • Siuto
  • Soyin [minutes-taker]
  • Vase


  • HTY
  • Lemon
  1. Vase and Soyin arrive at Brunch Club and find the rest already there, sitting at a table close to the entrance.
  2. miah is talking in a rather strange voice. Soyin asks if he is sick. It turns out that miah is acting out the voice of a sick person because Siuto is sick. Siuto seems a bit annoyed by this. Last Vase becomes annoyed too.
  3. Soyin wonders why the names of all-day breakfast places are all weapons, with the examples of “Flying Pan” and “Brunch Club”. Nobody seems to find this funny. Cha doesn’t think that “Flying Pan” is a weapon at all.
  4. All order food. Cha orders mint tea. Waiter repeats,”MEENT— tea”.
  5. Soyin volunteers to be the minutes-taker for the night. Others cheer. Soyin comments that he is amazed at how much miah could remember about last gathering. Others agree.
  6. Soyin goes out to make a phone call. When he comes back, Miah runs to his seat, sits down and says,”we have talked about a lot of stuff, and you’re going to miss them!” Later Soyin realises that miah is going to the toilet but sees him coming back in from the phone call so he rushes back to his seat pretending to be there talking all along.
  7. MintMEENT—tea is served. All are astonished by the amount of mint leaves floating on the surface of the tea. Cha says she can hardly drink the tea with the leaves floating on it. miah says most people within the group ordered lamb so she can give the leaves to them.
  8. Soyin senses something moving around his leg. He then realises it is Cha’s foot. He sees that Cha is wearing sandals so he flicks one of her sandals off her foot with his feet.
  9. Others see what is happening, and asks if Cha is wearing the same pair of sandals (those that don’t show your toes – which is boring). Cha answers that she has left most of her shoes in the US, and she has only sandals in Hong Kong.
  10. Cha’s Eggs Benedict arrives.
  11. Others notice that a piece of leaf is stuck to the side of the cup. miah says it’s because the cup has no clothing on. Exactly when he says that, the leaf fall off. Vase comments,”oh so that’s his front body.”
  12. Vase says she met Jacky Ho (a.k.a. 文田兄) and he wanted to meet Vase and Soyin for dinner sometime. Siuto suggests inviting him to the next DHAPS dinner. Soyin then brings up the idea of having different guests each week for the DHAPS gatherings. Others seem to like this idea.
  13. miah takes the bottle of honey, which was served together with Cha’s MEENT—tea, and pours some into his glass of water. Siuto says that will create more trouble for the one who cleans the glass, since he needs to stick his hand into the inside bottom of the glass to clean the honey out of it. miah replies it is the cleaner’s problem if he never cleans the inside bottom of the glass.
  14. Cha’s food begins to get cold but she has not started eating because others’ food is not served yet. Everyone tells Cha to begin eating. Siuto says 你再唔食你啲蛋就熟架啦。miah follows to say that 因為佢地喺埋一齊太耐。
  15. Vase tells everyone that she is going to 首爾 next week. miah and Soyin both pulls their ear with their hand. miah then remembers that this is one of the things he forgot to put in the minutes of the last gathering.
  16. Everyone’s food arrives eventually, and all start eating.
  17. Vase talks about how a partner in her firm takes charge of a committee called “Com Com” (Communications Committee) and decides to change the name. The ideas of a new name are rather strange, e.g. “Blue Sky” (i.e. BS) and “Everything Matters”. Eventually the name “Everyone Matters” is chosen. Vase also mentions the partner’s inclination of “incorporating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations into the firm”.
  18. Somebody starts the discussion of what the name of the “MEENT tea” waiter is. After a round of discussion everyone agrees that the name Tim or Jeff suits him the most, with the exception of Soyin, who thinks his name should be “Carp”. miah then says he often plays this game of guessing random people’s names with his brother, and the names come up by him and his brother are usually the same.
  19. Siuto says she and miah are going to Kyoto in April. Vase says she has a lot of guide books around that area, which comprises Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, collectively known as 京板神. Soyin raises the question of why they are not called 神京板. Siuto comments that this is rather like different sections in a newspaper (e.g. 港聞板).
  20. Siuto talks about the idea of renting 和服 in Japan. Others inquire into the details, and Siuto explains that there are shops that “租和服同租屐” together. miah immediately asks,”日劇呀?”
  21. Soyin and Vase talks about a party that Soyin has invited Vase to go. Vase asked her colleagues to go, describing the party as “organised by a bunch of auditors”. Her colleague replied that it would be rather odd to go to a party of auditors. Soyin then comes up with the word “odditors”. Everyone laughs. miah then says he is being rather slow today.
  22. Since Cha’s birthday is only a few days away and the group may not be able to meet before Cha leaves for US again, a piece of blueberry cheese cake is ordered to celebrate. Siuto asks the waiter to put a candle on it, saying “it is my friend’s birthday”. miah tries to say “she’s lying” as the waiter walks away.
  23. The cake arrives, but it looks more like a plate of blueberries and other fruit topped by a large amount of whipped cream. Vase tells Cha to make a wish and she does it in 2 seconds. Everyone is amazed at her wishing speed and then Vase says she probably was saying “心想事成”.
  24. Cha cuts the cake swiftly to the bottom. Siuto then exclaims “哎呀,切到底啦,嫁唔出啦”. miah gives a condescending laugh.
  25. After the discussion on the waiter’s name, Vase has a strong desire to know what his name really is. Vase asks him for the bill. The bill comes, and as Vase is hesitating on how to go around with enquiring the waiter’s name, Cha discovers his name on the bill. He is called “Summy”.
  26. All exit the restaurant and stay in front of the restaurant to talk a little more because people will be going in different directions. All talk about the next gathering and the possibility of bowling, an activity missed by everyone. miah suddenly comments that Vase and Soyin’s outfit is very “中環look”. Vase replies “係呀,我地而家要look返落中環”

Date, time and place of next gathering TBA.

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