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Minutes of DHAPS Gathering 20110223

March 21, 2011

DHAPS Gathering 20110223


  • 23 February 2011


  • 20:00-23:00


  • 太平館餐廳 TPK Cafe


  • T. Lau
  • No.2 Wah [GUEST]
  • miah [late-comer at 21:00]
  • Siuto [minutes-taker]
  • Soyin [early-leaver at 21:30]
  • Vase


  • Cha
  • HTY
  • Lemon
  1. No.2 Wah explains what he is doing now in HK. He says he is on the Buy side of an investment firm, but others suspects he is secretly selling milk powder to Mainlanders and LV bags from Europe in HK.
  2. No.2 Wah explains he is told his knowledge from his EEE degree can only be applied to fixing lifts and elevators in HK and so he is now assisting people in growing money instead.
  3. Vase tells others about her cousin who is a painfully honest person who tells absolute truths in job interviews.
  4. miah arrives with his new coat that Siuto bought him. He apologises for wearing the coat with an orange backpack and a company T-shirt that also doesn’t suit the style, he says in fact he doesn’t really suit the style either. Shame Siuto could not give the coat to someone else, he says. Soyin disagrees and says Siuto could.
  5. Someone suggests a DHAPS gathering in Macau sometime. Siuto says she might get free hotel package as a prize from her office’s annual dinner this Saturday and we can all fit in one room as according to No.2 Wah the rooms are huge.
  6. Siuto tells stories about crazy people she recently encountered on the bus to work, one who yells "shu-FANG!" from time to time and another who keeps talking about "zebra 係animal 但唔係馬, right? and zebra-crossings係人做嘅, haha, right?". She also encountered a strange man on her way to the TPK Cafe who looked at her with an evil smile. She thought the guy might have took her wallet and was giving her the evil triumphant look to say he got her money. So she checked her purse but her money was still there. She then started to wonder if the strange man might have touched her bottom (reason again for evil smile), but she didn’t think so. No conclusion on why the man smiled at Siuto but clearly Siuto cares much about her wallet and her bottom, in that order.
  7. Siuto comments that it seems to be much more common to come across people with mental disorder in Hong Kong. She used to think that mental disorder is a much less common sight in Hong Kong than abroad, where it is not rare, say, to come across people talking to themselves on public transport. No. 2 Wah agrees and recalls a story where he came across somebody who kept shouting as he ran along a busy street in America and the passers-by seem not to find it unusual.
  8. No. 2 Wah continues to talk about his American encounters, which includes having a massive but dirt-cheap pancake at a quintessentially American diner.
  9. Vase talks about things she learnt in Home E lessons, including making Cha Siu fried rice with a piece of Cha Siu Mrs. Poon picked up from the floor and put back into the pan unwashed, and also how toe nails should be clipped. She went on to tell that a friend taught her that toe nails should be clipped into heart-shapes so that the sides are longer than the middle bit and the sides won’t grow into the skin. No one else has heard of this theory before and miah says the toe nail will look like Batman’s head. All agreed.
  10. Vase notices that miah is extremely focused in eating his flat rice noodle dish, which is rare (“好少何”), miah looked down at his dish which is still half-full (or half-empty, depending on the type of person) of flat rice noodle and repeated, “好少河(!)”. (Reference to the line “乾炒牛河咁多牛?好少河喎。”)
  11. No. 2 Wah displays a $16,000 watch he recent won at his company’s annual dinner. Apparently the person who was sitting beside No. 2 Wah on the night won a prize immediately after telling No. 2 Wah that he has never won a prize at a draw before. No. 2 Wah told his lucky neighbour he has never won a prize at a draw before either, and then he won the watch.
  12. No. 2 Wah shows off a hand-made metal key ring in the shape of an arrow he made in DT lessons back in SPCC which has the inscription of "G" and "Y". No.2 Wah says he has been using this key ring for over 10 years. Vase says even his name had changed during this 10 years. The key ring has two hooked corners which is rather sharp (Vase agrees). Miah asks if the hooks had torn any of No.2 Wah’s trousers, and No.2 Wah says not once.
  13. No. 2 Wah shows others another metal key ring which is of the shape of an apple and has buildings in New York in the middle. While the Statue of Liberty has already fallen out from the key ring, the Twin Towers have not.
  14. No. 2 Wah said he also made a bookcase in DT that he still uses, as a CD rack.
  15. Miah says he is going to Kyoto with Siuto and is disappointed to find that 京都念慈庵 is not in Kyoto but in Beijing. He says that is the only place he mentioned when Siuto asked him where he wants to visit in Kyoto. No.2 Wah said Beijing is once called 東京. Then discussion went on to Vietnam is in the South, which 西貢 is to the west of the other 西貢, and which is the west side of the North Pole. At the end all are completely lost.
  16. Siuto mentions that the people who are living on the top floor of her building recently installed a net above their pond of carps. This is because apparently some eagles has been snacking on the fish lately. miah comments that the fish might now be even more traumatised with a net constantly above their home.
  17. No. 2 Wah tells a true story about his father and his colleagues who were once at their factory office (which happens to have a kitchen) during a power cut. There was a carp in the office. (At this point miah points out that he doesn’t have a good feeling about this story.) The power cut meant that the carp is not going to survive the night, so No. 2 Wah’s father and his colleagues decided to cook the carp for food. Apparently carps do not taste good. No. 2 Wah also mentions that due to the fact that carps are kept as pets instead of for food, they tend also to have taken a lot of medication. Vase and miah simultaneously reach the conclusion that it will make the people who eat them very healthy indeed.

Date, time and place of next gathering TBA.


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