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DHAPS Gathering Minutes 20110323

May 28, 2011


  • 23rd March, 2011


  • 07:45-22:00


  • Misocool, Central


  • Soyin
  • Vase
  • Siuto
  • miah (minute-taker)


  • T. Lau
  • Cha
  • HTY
  • Lemon
  1. Soyin is hungry and wants to order, but everybody is late.
  2. Siuto and miah arrives together while Vase is still caught up at work. Siuto has a needle poking out of her purse and tries hard to find and remove it. miah suggests that Soyin should order food first because if Siuto’s purse is like the ocean (or haystack, if one is English-minded), it might take a while to find a needle.
  3. Due to the Japanese earthquake and its aftermath, Siuto and miah will go to Club Med at Cherating Beach instead. miah thinks Club Med is just like Wii Sports Resort. Siuto describes it to be like “a cruise but on land with water sports”. Soyin asked whether there is a certain time period only during which one is allowed in the water. (Neither Siuto nor miah noticed the humour, so Soyin asks whether they understand what he is saying and then repeats the line. They then recognise the brilliance of the subtle humour.)
  4. miah has been thinking about Tom Cruise when Siuto mentioned a cruise on land.
  5. Vase called miah to tell him that she is coming. She has also called both Soyin and Siuto previously but neither noticed the call. Vase concludes that iPhones cannot be trusted.
  6. miah wonders whether they have to recap what has already been said for Vase so that she does not miss out. If so, he wonders whether he has to repeat the minutes. Others suggests that he puts two asterisks between the part to be repeated, much like the chorus in a piece of lyrics.
  7. miah mentions that apart from Ansar, there is another night-shift security guard (Soyin: “called Question?”) called Ali at his construction site. There is also a worker called 亞李, whom someone likes to refer to as “Ah Lee”. On top of that there is a day-shift security guard with the surname “李” and some people also calls him 亞李. All that is causing a bit of confusion.
  8. Referring to the “Apps for applications and Abs for abdominals” joke in the previous gathering, miah asks whether there are other similarly ambiguous short forms. He suggests Lab for laboratory and Labrador. Nobody can come up with anything else and the topic dies.
  9. miah’s boss likes to dive. miah was told by his boss that sea urchins have eyes and will look up at you as they crawl along the sea bed. miah didn’t believe him so he looked it up on Wikipedia. He realised that it was an altogether different type of eye his boss was referring to. (Please refer to the caption of the photo at the top right-hand corner of this link.)
  10. miah has also been responsible for minute-taking for a weekly progress meeting at work. There was a recurring item in the minutes about something that is required to be “sped up”, but his boss kept thinking that it was a typo and had repeatedly changed the phrase to “to be speed up”. The very intelligent solution offered by miah’s colleague was to change the phrase to “to be speeded up” and the problem was solved.
  11. Vase tells a story about someone mistaking CPA for CFA, Soyin finds it very funny but Siuto and miah are completely puzzled.
  12. Vase tells another story about a non-Chinese judge who failed to express a phrase in English and resorted to saying, “I don’t know how to express this, but in Chinese it’s ‘你推我讓'”. (Sorry, HTY)
  13. Vase tells yet another story about a judge quoting Spiderman’s “with great power comes great responsibility” in court.
  14. The milk tea at Misocool is not as good as it used to be.
  15. Vase mentions that in the law profession, a collection of cases is called a bundle. miah comments that one can put several bundles into a case to get a case of bundles of cases. The concept is further explored to create an imaginary fractal known as a bundle of cases of bundles of cases of bundles of cases of bundles of cases…
  16. Connie Wong notices the gang from two tables away and comes over to greet. She mentions that she bumped into miah a couple of weeks ago in Causeway Bay but miah was in a rush so she did not “hi” him. miah wonders whether it is possible to bump into someone without hi-ing (揩) him/her.
  17. miah suddenly realised from the reflection of Misocool’s shop sign that OSIM is MISO spelt backwards.
  18. Siuto shares her view that 朗莎, the dark chocolate version of 金莎, should be called 黑莎 instead.
  19. All pay the bill and head off to Haagen Dazs for ice-cream!
  20. Siuto has apple-flavoured Tempo tissues. miah finds it strange that because tissues now have various flavours, the unscented ones are labelled 原味. Soyin suggests that there could be 水銀味 and 溴味 as well.
  21. miah has a colleague nicknamed 豬豬. miah used to think that his surname is 朱, but in fact it is because he is rather plump. Upon knowing that, miah does not want to use the nickname as he finds it mocking. He then asked his colleague for his English name, which miah was told is Kenny. From then on, miah calls him Kenny豬.

Date, time and place of the next gathering TBA.

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