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DHAPS Gathering Minutes 20110824

September 21, 2011


  • 24th August, 2011


  • 20:15-21:30


  • Hokkaido Dairy Farm, Central


  • Soyin
  • Vase
  • Siuto
  • miah
  • Spansesness (minute-takerr)


  • T. Lau
  • Cha
  • HTY
  • Lemon

1. Just before Vase left office, after Soyin called, Vase’s work in the office (a piece of translated text) has been mysteriously reverted back to a previous version. So she has to redo a lot of work. She should have been working on it, but instead she sacrifced work for DHAPS.

2. Miah asked a question: everybody says “typo”, but should it be “typo error” instead since “typo” seem to stand for “typographical”? No one has an answer.

3. The restaurant is called Hokkaido Dairy Farm Milk Restaurant, which offers food similar to a 茶餐廳. There was an option to substitute toast with waffle in a set meal. Siuto did that. When the waffle arrived, however, she found it 唔係幾好食.

4. There were a number of set meals to choose from the menu, one of which is called 親子餐. Siuto ordered that because it seemed to offer a great variety of food. However, it turned out that all the food are in kid’s portion. Seeing this, Siuto commented that this maybe 天意 so that she could keep up her diet plan.

5. Soyin had finished his meal. The waitress came and tried to take his plate away. The waitress asked,”仲要唔要呀?” and Soyin answered,”刀唔要”.

6. Soyin is going to Macauin September and will be staying in Land Mark Hotel. Vase then said “why do you need to go to Macau then? There is one in Hong Kong.” Soyin replied that “there is no Land Mark Hotel in Hong Kong” and Vase said “but there is a Mandarin Oriental”. The conversation somehow switched to the renaming of the hotel to “Tangerine Oriental” or “Putonghua Oriental”.

7. Miah wondered when will 平版電腦 (cheap version of computers) be common.

8. The four started to talk about the possible features of an iphone 7. Vase suggested that each person names a few and the most unlikely feature wins. Miah pointed out that this would lead to many improbable suggestions, like the iphone being liquid and needs to be poured out to use. Siuto added that the liquid iphone has to be separated into two pieces (the earpiece and mouthpiece) before use.

9. Miah brought up the old question of what a 小童鴛鴦 is. Soyin apparently did not recall the answer, which should be 阿立克 (阿華田+好立克). The name can also be seen as 柯立刻.

10. The conversation switched to a discussion on why most high-heels are designed in such a way that the entirety of the toes are not covered, but instead some space between the toes are shown. Siuto explained that showing the space between toes are sexy. The four then coined the term “sexy toe crack”.

Venue for next dinner: TBA.

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