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DHAPS Gathering Minutes 20120114

January 14, 2012


  • 14th January, 2012


  • 19:30-22:00


  • Spinners & 10-pin Bowling Alley, Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC)


  • Thomas [Featured guest: 1st appearance]
  • Cha a.k.a Carmen
  • miah a.k.a. Jeremiah [minute-taker]
  • Siuto a.k.a Denise
  • Soyin a.k.a Eugene


  • T.Lau [T.Lau would like to express his sincere apologies for not being able to attend due to his severe enetophobia (fear of pins).]
  • HTY
  • Lemon
  • Vase
  1. Earlier that day, Cha called Siuto, introducing herself saying, “wei, it’s Kat.” Siuto somehow thought Cha sounded like a scammer and answered, “wrong number!” And hung up.
  2. Earlier that evening, miah’s family gave Soyin a ride to HKCC. On their way, miah’s grandma expressed her slightly convoluted distaste of people who would prosecute a robber and thus ruining the robber’s life even if the items being taken cost merely $20. Soyin thought grandma’s view almost has a ring of Buddhism in it.
  3. Everybody gathers for the gathering. Everybody is introduced to Thomas and Thomas was introduced to everybody. miah holds back from calling him “Thomas” (with a “th” instead of a “t”, which he said he would) or his planned introduction of “hello, you must be confused, I am Jeremiah”. Probably because Thomas is too decent a fellow.
  4. Nobody knows what an “interrobang” is, miah is furious because he has written about it in one of the DHAPS email but nobody seems to have read it. It is a combination of an exclamation mark and a question mark, Soyin draws it on the Asuspansenseness.
  5. Cha notices Soyin’s new top, which is blue at the top and fades to white beneath the chest, it also has a perforated design. Siuto comments that despite being new, the colour have faded and there are already holes on it.
  6. Everybody decides on what to order, miah and Siuto bicker on what salad to order as usual. Soyin throws Cha a knowing glance and comments that they always take a long time.
  7. This is Thomas’s first time in Asia, he is still suffering from mild jetlag. Others ask him what he has been / will be doing.
  8. Cha seems to have been showing off her shiny boyfriend to every relative she has, Thomas is glad that they all have English names.
  9. Thomas has been shopping and Cha has signed Thomas up for a 10k run which takes place on the next day.
  10. Siuto suggests that Cha should be Thomas’s local tour guide and go sight-seeing with him. (Siuto is probably thinking about the time miah’s German friend came to Hong Kong and miah refused to go anywhere with him.) Cha says she has in fact already brought him to the Peak, Thomas protectively explains that his schedule is so packed that he hardly has time to go sight-seeing. miah says running 10k is like sight-seeing, quickly.
  11. Thomas asks whether the others know Cha from middle school. miah does not know what “middle school” means but other confirms that Soyin and miah indeed knows Cha from middle school, but Siuto knows Cha from earlier. miah claims that it would therefore be “bottom school”, Soyin corrects him by saying that it should be “low school” instead (low school, middle school, high school).
  12. Siuto asks whether the gang can go to the flower market together, Cha says it will have to be in the next few days because they will be going to Shanghai on Thursday. The others ask when they will be coming back. Cha explains that they will be flying back to the US directly from Shanghai. All hearts sink a little.
  13. miah asks whether Cha will be visiting relatives in Shanghai, others have forgotten that Cha has a Shanghainese origin. miah is again furious that nobody seems to read the DHAPS emails. (In fact, it was mentioned in one of the earlier gatherings, at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Lung Bao.)
  14. Soyin starts a conversation with Cha while Siuto starts another with Thomas, miah is stuck with the minute-taking. Soyin reminds him that he has two hands and two ears. Sadly there was only one Asuspansenseness and it doesn’t do multi-touch in writing-pad mode.
  15. Thomas has been staying at Cha’s place, but he is not great with heights. Cha teases him by mentioning that she was going to setup his bed next to the window. Siuto tells Thomas that he should draw the curtains. miah draws a set of curtains on his notes.
  16. Cha’s Hainan chicken rice and Thomas’s pasta arrive. Soyin is not happy that his sandwich takes longer to prepare than a Hainan chicken rice or a pasta.
  17. Thomas needs the washroom so miah leads the way. While they are away, Siuto and Soyin ask what Cha and Thomas study. Cha explains that Thomas studies neuroscience and what herself does is scanning-related (e.g. MRI). miah comes back and pretends to be surprised to learn that there is actually someone doing the sketch inside an MRI machine. Soyin attempts to backcronym “MRI” to “Manual R___ Inscription”).
  18. The rest of the orders arrive. There is not enough table space for the Asuspansenseness, so miah jots notes with good old pen and paper.
  19. Siuto asks whether Cha and Thomas can afford much time together in the midst of their busy research / study schedule, and what would they do when they have the time. miah chips in and says “scanning”. Thomas seems mildly amused and explains that they used to cook together, but they haven’t done much of that since a few weeks before the trip.
  20. Soyin, in his pleasant semi-serious mode, asks Thomas how he finds Hong Kong. Thomas thinks there are a lot of people, a lot of buildings and all in all “pretty intense”. He is not sure whether he is ready to live here yet though, “there is just too much…” “Height,” adds miah.
  21. Siuto and miah decides to share the last piece of pizza. miah chose to split it by first folding it in half and then sliding a knife through the folded edge. Turns out “sawing” is a better description than “sliding”. Thomas comments that it is “like surgery”. miah thinks it would complete the imagine if Siuto starts wiping sweat off his forehead, so he announces that he is sweating. Siuto does not get the reference but Soyin does, however Soyin points out that Thomas wouldn’t get it because the wiping thing only happens in Hong Kong TV drama.
  22. miah suggests surgeons should wear headbands. Siuto thinks that there is no need to worry about falling hair because surgeons already wear something to cover their hair, she paused for a second to think of a word to describe the headgear. All shouts “shower cap” in unison and all laugh. [*Best moment*]
  23. All move to the bowling alley and play a pretty decent game of bowling, considering they have not played for two years or so.
  24. Cha and Thomas have to wake up at 6am on the next morning for the 10k run, so all pack up promptly at 10pm. On the way out, Thomas saw a label that reads “消防喉轆 Fire Hose Reel” and asks Cha to explain what each individual character means. Siuto asks whether Thomas is learning Chinese and Thomas says he is learning a bit of Mandarin.
  25. The muted TV is showing a Taiwanese Election news clip with 馬英九 speaking, miah points at it and says, “Mandarin!” As soon as people turned their heads to the TV, the footage goes back to the news reporter in the TVB studio, so miah points at it and says, “now Cantonese.” Then a clip of 蔡英文 is shown, so miah points at it and says, “English!” Thomas asks whether the lady is speaking English, Siuto explains that “her Chinese name is English”, which caused miah to laugh hysterically on his way out.

Next gathering scheduled on 20th January, venue TBA


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  1. January 15, 2012 12:41 am

    22. I shouted “shower cap” as well while reading.
    25. I love this, very much.

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